Health is the epicenter of a crisis unprecedented

Health is the epicenter of a crisis unprecedented in human history. We have already gone through other epidemics / pandemics with higher proportional mortality, but none with a universal impact in territorial terms in a short period of time, with a gigantic volume of information and reflection in several sectors.

In Brazil, health was at a time of great discussions and evolution, the market undergoing consolidation of “major players”, improvements in remuneration models, management professionalization, focus on quality and patient safety … until coming to Covid -19, which in an overwhelming way shows us that we need much more.

The future depends on a thought of complementarity between public and private health, on sustainable remuneration models, on health / regulatory bodies that act in a more functional / guiding and less bureaucratic / punitive manner, on institutions that are articulated with each other and with the power to deploy strategy for the ends … the future depends on institutions with “assistance governance”, where the strategy is connected to care, managing to efficiently transmit the objectives and needs, providing the teams with information, training, decision-making capacity, standardized processes and that can collect data, audit assistance processes in real time through practical tools and technologies.

The future is already happening and the dynamism of the institutions will make a difference to what is to come.

Dr. Vinicius Barbosa Cavalcante de Menezes

CEO – Vital Assistência e Gestão

A Grande Transição
Processos Prioritários – Apoio a Segunda Vítima

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