The Role of Doctors in System Transformation – I

Health systems are changing. Hospitals across the country are decreasing their revenues, which brings up an issue that has been discussed for years, the importance of operational effectiveness.

They are showing results equal to ambulatory services, while maintaining a complex infrastructure.

More progressive managers who have already understood this gap, are learning to build stronger ambulatory platforms. This transformation challenges health systems to reconfigure their service delivery infrastructure, and to coordinate health care beyond hospital walls.

The cost justification for this service redesign requires a specialized evaluation that involves the needs of the health care market, necessary adjustments to meet them and a minimum forecast of return on investment.

A profitable outpatient strategy begins in the primary care scenario, which serves as a “Control” for coordinating care across the system.

Maintaining the health of the population is the first step towards adding value at a lower cost.

For this, it is necessary to coordinate the work between primary, secondary and tertiary care services.

This is particularly important for the growing number of people with various health conditions who receive care and support from a variety of professionals.

Success is most likely when decision support measures take effect before changes in care.

There is a need for doctors to be at the center of the development of integrated care, based on the work of the new models of care and to recognize that the main benefit of this care model results from clinical integration, not organizational integration. The repositioning of the medical professional at the center of the development of integrated care becomes imperative. In turn, this recognition will allow the construction of new models of medical remuneration, now based on value.

New Evaluation Standards for the International Qmentum – IQG Model
Health Care Model – Integrated Care

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