Pandemic Considerations

It has not been easy. Not even. But the pandemic is real and it is there to be faced, head on. Denying this reality does not help at all. Paralysis due to it, whether due to fear or any other feeling, genuinely human, helps even less.

What to do then? What are the alternatives? It would be very audacious, and perhaps insensitive to even point the way. People are different, situations are unique and the challenges for each and every company are very different. But I would propose “an” action, yes: reflect.

Moments like what we are experiencing are conducive to reflection, after all, more or less than we should, we withdraw. And we will continue to do so a little more. So why not abuse your right to reflect to plan the new?

There is a strong transformation taking place in the world we know, undeniable and uncontrollable. And instead of trying to label it as negative or positive, as there will certainly be losers and winners in this process, I would ask myself “how” to participate in it. I tend to believe that, in the wake of this transformation, many of my habits must change; and yours; and theirs too.

I dare to predict, with a certain amount of commotion, that my favorite restaurant will no longer be there when we return; nor the hotel where I used to spend good moments of relaxation with my family; nor the airline that considered me a loyal passenger. But I would say, on the other hand, and with educated hope, that my doctor will be closer to me, paradoxically, accompanying me from a distance.

The new teleconsultation technologies, the new equipment for individual and remote monitoring, the novelties in health care services, will be a new normal. After so many years of subservient acceptance of the curative medicine model, we will finally take a leap towards preventive medicine. The constant, recurrent monitoring and assertive application of the diagnosis has already proved to be more efficient, cheaper and, now, also “less catastrophic”. Yes, this is where the cliché comes in: the crisis, or better said, given the moment we are living in today, the “catastrophe” indicates opportunities.

I would expect nothing less than such an answer for the global health market. Brilliant minds working together to rethink protocols, patient care processes, preventive measures. The search for health before, so as not to end up dealing with the disease afterwards. This “new normal” in health would be a considerable achievement.

But it would not stop here. With so many innovations that in this pandemic have become “inevitable”, I would dream of the advent of predictive medicine accessible to everyone. But this is something to reflect on …

Odelio Rodarte Arouca Filho

CEO Micromed

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