Technology, shared risk, and cost predictability can lead us to sustainability

With the arrival of the new coronavirus Pandemic, we saw how much we are not prepared for changes in the scenario that interposed health, disease, and politics. We are experiencing a “homeostasis” among health professionals, clinics, and hospitals; pharmaceutical industry and medical supplies; health insurances and SUS (Public Health System in Brazil) very fragile and scrapped. All these entities, without mutual consistency and cooperation, essential for the balance of the greater good: the population.

We are going through a storm in which each one in his small and fragile boat, navigates in the way they can, instead of being gathered in a big ship with all the resources and efforts gathered aiming only to overcome this amazing period.

We are all living together in a period of great suffering and uncertainty. The reflection to understand how we will turn the table and understand what the future of health in Brazil and the world will be has filled the pages of newspapers and taken care of the uncertainties of human beings.

Some answers are already beginning to appear, and technology will play an extremely important role in the resumption of a new future that awaits us. From telemedicine to the manufacture of medicines and vaccines in record time, together with global efforts.

We also started to discuss the role and commitment of each entity in the health sector. The professionals who gained prominence and thus demonstrated their commitment to patient safety, the rational use of medical material and the standardization of care. Clinics and hospitals promoting health and not only treating the disease, including much better prepared and attentive teams and the pharmaceutical industry that has been showing more interest in investments in education, training, and research.

In the area of ​​health insurances, the concern is also much greater for medical treatments that heal their beneficiaries more quickly, avoiding unnecessary hospitalization time. Medicine becomes more dynamic and, at the same time, more effective because in addition to treating the disease itself, it helps to promote prevention!

SUS, in turn, unveils the years of scrapping and lack of investment to show how important its role is in this time of crisis, perhaps consolidating a new phase of respect for citizens.

When analyzing these lines above, we can safely conclude that we are facing the beginning of a major change, in which each of the pillars of Health can see that to be successful it is essential, in addition to competence, assertiveness and resolutive decisions.

But not only that, it is essential that each of these pillars share the risks.

Imagine that you are in your boat, which is then responsible for feeding other boats, but you do not know how many boats you must feed. You fish a lot (and you risk food will rot and run out) or you fish a little (and food may be lacking). The boat that supplies you with water may not give you water because there was no food. In this scenario, predictability of cost and efficiency is what makes the difference!

In this analogy, before it was almost impossible to know how much the treatment of a certain pathology would be. With the use of technology (ERP, monitoring, BI …), standardization of routines and medical materials, length of stay, average cost of medication and focus on health promotion, we are able to have a greater predictability of expenses with a certain pathology.

We understand that for now these are difficult times, but if we join our boats to reinforce our structure, we will not only get out of this crisis, but also come out stronger.

Brazil has very high training and a lot of medical technology, it is enough that there is a greater union of efforts!

Dr. Giuliano Noccioli Mendes

CEO – ECMI (Equipe de cirurgia minimamente invasiva de São Paulo)

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